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A Daily Reminder of Who We Are


I adore painting and my mother was an Artist as well.  I started painting next to my mother's easel when I was just six years old, it was a scene of perspective, a local road with telegraph poles and it was raining, I still love looking out windows at scenes.

I study the sitter for days, weeks, even months through photographs and meetings and listening to their story. I ask the questions that bring emotions to the front of their mind and watch their body language. I blend that trusted, precious information with my way of being and start to “feel an impression” that quintessence of the sitter.

Elaine wanted to wake up in the morning, look over and see a huge portrait of herself and experience a feeling of “yeah I am that person – fucking awesome”. That was her brief!

When I paint I do so with emotions as well as skill and a style that is unique to me, it's taken years to develop as I was told my style was too abstract. That’s what I want to enthuse others about, to know yourself and stand solid in your belief and if you are not solid then develop that through reading, vids or coaching. To walk strong, upright in the knowledge that your style is what makes you “amazing, brilliant, fantastic, awesome, outstanding” – I don’t want average, do you?

Do you want the best?

Do you want to stand tall in your own style?

Do you want to be awesome?

Then use your strength, learn constantly, get Expert advice and just say it with your throaty roar...



  • Vickie Lea
  • Reminders of Who We Are