• Change Buddies support you in CHANGE
  • Vickie Lea

Change Buddies support you in CHANGE

Let the crew know your future plans. If you are going to engage a Coach, read material to change your thinking, watch vids to change for the better, then let others in your close circle know, so they will understand why you "have all of a sudden changed".  This can unsettle others around you so if you want support during your transition of change, let them know and get a Change Buddy.

You are going to shake it up, you are going to commit, you are going to believe it and know it, it's an event in your life!  You are going to LEARN CORE CONFIDENCE and that will be a new thought, a new regime, a new skill set to help you feel strong.

Yes, it carries risk, yes that can be scary!

  1. What if you fail?
  2. What if you are embarrassed?
  3. What if you feel pressured to prove yourself? 

So what!  The person that matters is you, you are the one making the decision, the one making the change and many will benefit for your thinking shift.

Let others know your future plans and give them a warning and the ones that want to help you and want to support you, will be there for you.  They are your "change buddies".

Grab your "change buddies" and make time to be with them, walk, talk and eat with them

Give out the advance warning of what YOU are going to do and that will identify your "change buddies" and stick with them, they ARE the ones for you.

Early warning brings "change buddies" on board and you get to sail with chums who want you to get to your destination. 


  • Vickie Lea