• Vickie Lea Interviewed by Patti Boulay
  • Vickie Lea

Vickie Lea Interviewed by Patti Boulay

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In this new exclusive series, Patti Boulaye looks at the other side of success with people from all walks of life.

LIFE with Patti Boulaye”, I joined Patti and we talked about being a Behavioural Maturity & Communications Consultant and helping people in the workplace and in their personal lives with their emotional intelligence, using an Expert to support others to think at a higher level. Patti believes as do I that in this time where social media is so important to us, learning to understand emotions is more essential than ever.

With such a fascinating topic in this ever-changing world, this episode is both entertaining and informative. Patti says it is "not one to missed".

We discuss how difficult it can be to communicate and how we internalise our emotions and how at times that can cause our minds and bodies distress.  We discuss suicide, how to just "talk" and what life can throw at us and how changing a mindset or our values can help us cope and help others.  

What can we do to help society?  We discuss the Happy & Sad Model (TM) and how we can introduce this early in order to change the way we all communicate so it can be a more positive and enriching experience, that can lead to less conflict.

Basically how to be a diplomat in your life!

  • Vickie Lea