• Vickie Lea interviewed by The Dead Good Show's Simone Riley BBC
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Vickie Lea interviewed by The Dead Good Show's Simone Riley BBC


Interview with The Dead Good Show's Simone Riley BBC (tap Good Show for Link).

Simone had heard about a new way to communicate in our personal and business lives and wanted to find out how to help others. We are STILL speaking to others in the same way and getting the same results, ridiculous isn't it?

Unhappy relationships equal unhappy lives.

We are not encouraged to learn a new method on how to talk. I want everyone to learn a new way to talk, chat, communicate and have more understanding of what the other person is saying. Greater understanding leads to confidence, quality communication and high productivity.

We are not taught formally how to communicate effectively. We are taught to enunciate clearly, voice projection, meaning of the words we use, say thank you, please and may I. Don't get me started on the "May I" and asking permission scenario! What I am saying is by engaging in formal training for Effective Communication we gain results far beyond what we have now. It works for Face to Face and for Online Meetings.

All around us are the messages to invest in self with mindfulness, inspirational messages, redecorate to feel better, healthier office environments, put more in the sales funnel, create more relationships, more social media yet it all comes down to how we communicate.

Why are we not training in Effective Communications - with a small investment for long term results?

With the Model - We communicate our ideas to the collective in certain environments, they need to be in the moment to hear them, they need to feed them back and hone in on our feelings, observe the body language of the group, watch for the response reactions. When we have understood our confidence increases, conflicts are reduced thus higher quality relationship management, higher creativity and more productivity, more emotional and financial profit.

The model is titled The Happy & Sad Model (TM) and it is a model that can be utilised across many platforms, for example, it suits individuals, couples, families, partnerships, groups, those on the floor and CEOs, SMEs to completely changing a company ethos on the way they communicate. It works.... yet you have to take a risk to try it! Then we get into those that are Risk Adventurers and those that are Risk Adverse :) a conversation for another day. 

Miscommunication leads to discourse, resentment, loss in productivity, arguments and loss in our relationships.

Unhappy relationships equal unhappy lives.


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