What's Your Excuse?

Look at his face, the determination, not the excuse…. He is lifting a bloody huge tyre. Imagine his physical core, the strength in his shoulders and his chest. Do you want that strength, do you want that inner knowledge and confidence that comes from being that strong?

Look at this, see what he is doing, and look at his legs, his arm – not an excuse, not a disability! We can tell he has been through HELL, we can see it – it is visual!

Some of our HELL isn’t visual to others yet we have similar trials – emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually, people don’t see ours so they may not react with “wow she is an inspiration” – “wow what a feat” – “wow HE is such an encouragement TO OTHERS”.

So tell your story, engage with life, say I have dealt with MUCK, let people know and acknowledge how resilient you are. It’s not arrogance to let others know, it’s being authentic, it’s behavioural maturity to be aware of your own CORE, that uniqueness, that beauty and strength in you - foster it with alternative approaches AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Say yes I will make a difference in this world by inspiring others, owning your abilities and qualities and in the process become more CORE Confident.