• The rules of engagement have changed.....
  • Vickie Lea

The rules of engagement have changed.....

Reduced Management skills can often be drilled down to an issue with communication and relationships and that is a threat to your business and your position.

How we interpret external events and process them through our thinking, values, beliefs, our language, our memories and especially our Cultural Dimension and EQ filters, produce the output out of our mouths.  Additionally communication was about how you penned a letter, how you worded a telegram, a telex, sent a fax, how you spoke on the phone, what we saw visually, how you held a conversation, these were tools and skills for communication and you were trained how to communicate effectively from an early age.

Not anymore!

Now computers are doing the writing, the talking and the communicating, directly to each other, removing us from the relationships.  Add in Cryptocurrency and we are changing the way we buy and sell, how we record transactions, then throw into the mix, the apps that have changed the way we access services and information thus removing the human interaction - what does all this give us? 

Perhaps it gives us an area we want to avoid and just perhaps we no longer have highly attuned skills on how to communicate effectively in some areas of our lives. Our interactions, our relationships, our businesses, our staff and our profit are all impacted.

The rules of engagement have changed and our old learnt behaviours and resources are limited.  

Therefore we need to make a cognitive decision to embrace change, be encouraged to review our own limitations on using out-dated ways of communicating and learn new.  Changing the way we internally process as well as our value systems can be challenging - yet if we do nothing, we will experience unfortunate management styles due to ineffective communications.  

If you want solid management and optimum relationships then IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATIONS by recognising we all come from different heritage therefore we communicate and interpret differently.  Additionally EQ learning is a priority, learning to identify emotions and how they play a major part in our performance and influence how we communicate, can make us more competitive in the market place as well as happier and healthier human beings.

“The surprising finding is that our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health,” said Robert Waldinger, director of the study, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. (Harvard Gazette, Liz Mineo, April 11, 2017)



  • Vickie Lea