• How to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
  • Vickie Lea

How to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable


In order to feel happy, of worth, fearless, confident, get the job done, be in relationship - we need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This requires risk and to change your thinking from it is weak to ask......to it is courageous to ask. Retraining your thinking can be tough.

Take small steps - next time you don’t understand the word, ask the person who said that, to explain what it means. You are not dumb, you want to understand them, their point of view, the information they are giving you. It’s respectful to both you and them, it is learning and courageous.

It is a sign of strength to ask, it is a sign that we want to understand the person we’re talking with, we want to do a good job, we want to be part of the conversation, we want to contribute, we want to learn and we want help.

  • Vickie Lea