Who is Vickie Lea?

Vickie Lea is funny, even irreverent at times, Masters degree educated, adventurous, a world traveller, an explorer of thinking, constantly learning, passionate about injustice and has a deep seated core for helping others.  She is dyslexic, an exhibited abstract artist, inspirational when all seems lost, sees the best in others, she is intelligent and often fearless . 

Vickie Lea has the formal accreditation with over 2000 hours of face-to-face training in business and consultancy to achieve a Double Masters (Dean's List & AMBA accredited) and in commercial consultancies (1000+ hours) proven practice in the private sector.  However she has the real life experience of being married, divorced, married and widowed through suicide and also has children and grand children.  

Her husband committed suicide after a long battle with an inoperable tumour and a number of failed suicide attempts, her mother died of cancer during this period of distress and yet Vickie Lea continued on working, bringing up her children, seeking something more for herself and others and thus she created a new concept CORE CONFIDENCE & SELF ASSURANCE which she now lectures on.

Vickie Lea was born in the Australian outback in a small red dust town and she lived and learnt to swim at Bondi, travelled to over 50 countries and brought up her own family on different continents thus her tough nature, her understanding of cultural dimensions, her easy going approach and her no BS attitude.

Vickie Lea earned status as runner-up Business Women of the Year for Australia (NSW) and the first female Non-food Buyer for Safeway Stores when they were the world's largest supermarket chain, she constantly broke corporate ceilings leading the way for other women. She has won a number of awards, written White Papers for Australian Government, been President of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, developed confidence programmes for young women, raised funds for the International Development Agency and other Agencies for major projects and completed her double Masters degree in Business and Consulting in her 50s, she is the creator of Vickie Lea SaS - Standing Always Solid. 

With regard to challenges, parasailing was brand new in the 70s, she was one of the first women to try it and even to this day she still challenges herself with white water rafting down the rapids of the Tully River or gaining her RYA Competent Crew Certificate on a racing yacht in tidal waters of the Solent.

Her attitude and perspective, her line of attack and strategy are not necessarily traditional yet her methods and procedures are of great value as you get things done and change the way you think. Her passion for understanding others and understanding where confidence comes from started at an early age and hasn't stopped.

An authentic outcome is what Vickie Lea is known for and her dominant work personality type is Realistic x 12. She says it as it is, no better - no worse and with her laid back Australian way she takes the drama out of situations and puts you or the group at ease.


Leadership style:

The Democrat – she leads through establishing a collective sense of direction, being very much focused on people and their needs in the context of those of the assembly. Always open to input from others, this is her strength to create a popular consensus.

Vickie Lea has gathered her knowledge, her degrees and her personal experiences and created Vickie Lea SaS.

Vickie Lea's approach cultivates others to be Confident & Effective in who they and the way they Communicate.