I’ve known Vickie for some time and she’s at the very top of the tree when it comes to communication, coaching and mentoring, or generally taking an objective impartial look at an organisation and its behaviours and spotting what needs to change.

She’s also a really nice, engaging person with the ability to communicate effectively with anyone - from the cleaner to the Chairman.
I recommend her very highly.

Adrian Bull MBE - Director of External Relations at National Nuclear Laboratory


Q. How do you tell the difference between an average coach and an Exceptional Coach?


An Exceptional Coach will:-

  • Be able to inspire high-level thinking, create a specific strategy for you and your dreams


An Exceptional Coach will:-

  • Listen, analyse and consult with you. They will take the complex and make it simple and identify gaps so you and your business can take advantage of thinking innovatively 


An Exceptional Coach will:-

  • Offer complementary communication styles so you up-level your skill set to communicate more effectively especially in the area of cultural dimensions


An Exceptional Coach will:

  • Inspire and support you to think in perhaps unorthodox ways to optimise your performance and that of your company

An Exceptional Coach will:-

  • Help you identify your true character, aide you to believe differently about yourself and to expand your courage and to expand your company worldwide


An Exceptional Coach will:-

  • Help your recognise your own worth, show you how to utilise it.  They will kick start you and you in turn will kick start your desires


An Exceptional Coach will:-

  • Create a secure environment to do a deep discovery analysis, help you hit targets and train you to create new relationships for both yourself and your consultancy


    What others around the world say about her:

      • “How can one improve on perfection?”
      • "Vickie’s strengths lie in her communication and leadership abilities”
      • “Bold, brave and caring”
      • “Perfect the way she is”
      • “Very organized and methodical”
      • “She is enterprising competitive, persuasive, energetic and works well outside-the-box”
      • “Complex and confident”
      • “Greatest strength is resilience”
      • “She listens to others and acts upon what she has heard”
      • “Self-assertive, dignified, powerful and knowledgeable”
      • “Excellent communicator and easily able to build relationships with others”
      • “Intelligent, kind, extroverted and loving”
      • “Vickie is determined and intelligent”
      • "Vickie is dynamic and inspirational”
      • “She has a lot of energy”
      • “Reflective and trustworthy”
      • “Vickie is a very wise and intelligent lady with an amazing artistic flare”
      • “Ingenious and independent”
      • “She has shown strength, determination and an ability to turn the most tragic of events into a life lesson”
      • “Great integrity”