What is Vickie Lea SaS?

It is a worldwide consultancy providing expert coaching for.....

High Level Personal and/or Business Learning & Development. 

Vickie, as others have said on here, is a unique person. Very accomplished at her consultancy skills and with interpersonal skills which are the envy of probably everyone. I have used Vickie's consultancy services in relation to effective communication techniques and change management strategies - she's the sort of person who can help you unravel a seemingly complex problem, or reduce something difficult to some simple steps. She's very easy to talk to, listens, takes on board where you are coming from, and provides a solution, advice or help that is tailored to you, as an individual.

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Vickie Lea

We don’t want to renovate one room, we want to renovate the whole home, the whole you, we just start one room at a time. (Vickie Lea) 

Vickie Lea is a natural coach, a world traveller and someone who has been there whilst her husband committed suicide yet she kept going, she is tenacious and has the ability to transform you.

Vickie Lea has combined her extensive business experiences, her certified qualifications, an evidence based approach, genuine care for others and her outstanding ability to analyse, to create a consultancy that utilises expertise to address issues in: 

Performance & Strategy
Confidence / Self Belief / Anxiety
Cognitive Processes / Thinking Skills
Cultural Misunderstandings / Miscommunications
Self Image / Body Image
Passed over for Promotion
Presentation Skills / Embracing Change
Motivation & EQ Skills
Fixed Mindsets & Blockages
Communication Styles / Behavioural Maturity
Being Fearful / Social Situations

These and more specific concerns will be dealt with through analysis and coaching to incorporate a new set of values in both your personal and professional life by upscaling your thinking.  Issues will be addressed through clients attending and completing a whole person management sessions, ongoing reinforcement tasks and reports via visual media.

What Vickie Lea wants for you is……

  • to be transformational
  • be secure in your decisions
  • safe and happy

Ask the question: Is Vickie Lea SaS an effective consultancy that can meet your requirements, analyse the issues, create a strategic plan, drive change and incite self responsibility?   

Others have said yes and their individual performance has improved, they are more motivated, they get the promotion, the organisational performance increases, they fulfil their dreams, they embody the groups individual cultures, they take responsibility for the information they report on, they cope better with the complexity of new technology, embrace behavioural maturity in the workplace, they inspire and become role models, they build on their current relationships, they change their lives and their businesses, they gain CORE confidence and a fresh way to communicate with others.