Vickie Lea SaS

Wellbeing & Resilience Programme - 3 Days over 3 Months - Residency Coaching


Vickie Lea SaS

Wellbeing & Resilience Programme - 3 Days over 3 Months - Residency Coaching


If you have a resource and it is under stress, it will not perform optimally.  

Residency Coaching Days are held at your premises one a month over a three month period. 

Employers are often unaware that their staff are experiencing emotional/mental issues or periods of severe/intense levels of stress. Individuals can believe this type of self-disclosure in their workplace could be viewed as a weakness and a threat to their financial security, therefore, they won't self-disclose. 

Staff cite some of these reasons for their deficiency of wellbeing in the workplace:-

  • absence of management
  • pressure from supervisors
  • shortage of appreciation
  • their own high-level expectations
  • staying late
  • obsession with progression at the expense of life/work balance
  • inexperience or not being suited to the role
  • fear and anxiety of "stuffing up"
  • intimidation
  • unworkable deadlines and trying to keep everyone happy  

Put simply, your staff are often your most valuable resource and a major part of your supply chain.  

If part of that supply chain is under stress or not performing as it should be, it impacts its surrounding environment, it can halt production, it decreases the bottom line, it can add pressure to other areas on the chain, it intensifies reputational risk and it has an impact on the final product.   Utilising Residency Coaching will lessen the impact whilst changing the thinking (repairing) of that part of your staff supply chain. 

Residency Coaching is not a one-off workshop/training session - it is a regular injection of wellbeing

During these Coaching Day staff attend lectures and have access to Coaches with business backgrounds who specialise in emotions and communications.

Your staff are provided with the opportunity for continuous, sustainable improvement and you end up with a higher level thinking resource that is more optimum.

The Coaching is focused on changing the thinking of the individual, which changes outcomes with the least amount of disruption.

It will be driven by a 45-minute lecture, followed up with 15-minute private appointment consultations as required.

Coaches join your Board / Directors / Decision Makers or Staff during lunch and coffee breaks for a more informal question and answer session.

Results are measurable and you will receive a report and action plan for the future.

Vickie Lea SaS and her team become part of the family.

We take the pressure off you and we coach so your staff become more optimum individuals and know they ARE valued by you.

Vickie Lea SaS has proven highly-qualified business expertise, the ability to analyse an issue, create a Wellbeing Strategy and aide your staff on Residency Coaching Days. If you wish to book for a complimentary appraisal call, please email or call and leave a message. We will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Vickie Lea has won Business Woman of the Year (Runner-up) for Australia, holds a Masters in Business and a Diploma 7 in Consultancy (Masters equivalent). She has trained with over 2000 hours of face to face teaching and has provided over 1000 hours of business consultancy across different industries and different cultures, she is also a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting (IC) and sits on the Board of the Certified Management Institute (CMI) so you are being provided exceptional service and Best Practice. 

Residency Coaching Days are on your premises and face to face - online programmes can be created however in person has higher quality results. We are based in Media City UK (Manchester) and can travel to you.  

Wellbeing Injection - Three Resident Coaching Days over three months

If you wish to book for a complimentary appraisal call, please email/ring and leave a message and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.